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Wanna Collaborate?

I dream of working with other alternative mental health activists and change-agents. Are you dreaming about me too?

Let's Do This, Together

  • Are you wanting camaraderie, collaboration and co-creators to spread an alternative vision of what true healing looks like?
  • Are you curious about how to create planetary transformation, to re-frame the ways we relate to our challenges as deeply feeling, awake human beings?
  • Are you wanting to join forces with me and other radical mental health activists to build a different mental health paradigm, to support each other’s work in the world?

Storytelling - Crafting and Sharing a New Narrative

I dream of collaborating with a team of inspired, radical, thought-provoking content creators. Are you one of them?


  • Let’s write research- and experience-based articles that tell a new story about what true, whole health looks like
  • Let’s make videos and infographics that plant seeds of change in the hearts of those mired in the domination paradigm
  • Let’s start a podcast that offers a life-boat of inspiration for those humans who are ready to relate to their deeply feeling selves with warmth, compassion, and systemic perspective

Event Hosting + Workshop Facilitation

I’m available for speaking, facilitating, and co-hosting spaces that invite authenticity, togetherness and humanity around mental health challenges. You wanna work together?


  • I facilitate experiential learning and sharing spaces that invite authenticity and togetherness.
  • I offer workshops and sacred spaces that encourage groups to collectively recover our capacity to feel and to learn how to sit in the discomfort of what arises when we truly sink into the fullness of our feelings.
  • I love co-creating and co-holding. Get in touch if this sounds like a fit.

Residential Community: Sanctuary, Healing, Wholeness

I dream of a context in community to give and receive tools for personal and planetary healing and transformation. Are you dreaming of that, too?


  • I am an avid student of relational neurobiology and developmental and systemic trauma, and long for a context to counsel individuals and groups in building emotional regulation and self empowerment through resonant empathy, systemic constellations and radical relating. Does this sound interesting?