Have You Been Misled About What Causes Addiction and Emotional Distress? 

This free guide is about harm reduction, dispelling lies + getting free. You in? 

      Yes, Please!      

Cannabis is magical, powerful plant who has been a lifeline for so many of us to get through the everyday, but sometimes our relationship with her gets out of alignment. But we don't need to shame ourselves for struggling with mental health and addiction! 

Let's get real and talk about harm reduction, shall we? Times up on the triumphant recovery narrative. It's not exactly a cakewalk out there.

About Rachel

Hiya! I'm thrilled you found you way here. 

I honed my story-telling chops as a digital marketer for 15+ years, though it landed me in the psych-ward and drove me to endless addiction. Then I spent 6+ years withdrawing from a 5-drug pharmaceutical cocktail and healing other substance issues, supported by an understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and oppression and a deep-dive into liberatory political frameworks. 

My training and education is on-going and purposely outside the confines of mainstream psychology and other institutional frameworks, spanning a variety of knowledge lineages and influences. I have been deeply inspired, supported and mentored by many wondrous beings who have shaped, and continue to shape, my approach and analysis, including: Andrea Ranae Johnson | Anjali Nath Upadhyay | Sarah Peyton | Holistic Resistance | Karl Steyaert | Tada Hozumi | Dare Sohei | Rain Crowe | The Icarus Project 

As a cis queer femme (she/her/hers) and white settler of English and Irish descent who makes home on unceded Chinookan lands on Turtle Island (so-called “Portland, Oregon”), I deeply benefit from past and on-going colonization. I endeavor to hold the benefits of that un-earned priviledge with humility, integrity and accountability. I'm grateful for on-going feedback and call-ins from my communities of practice. (You know who you are. Thank you.)  

You Might Like it Here if:

  • You're ready for a new way of thinking about mental health and addiction
  • You're excited for courageous, disobedient action to reclaim your own sovereignty
  • You're curious and open to practicing being in your body, on your own terms
  • You're turned on by unapologetic, revolutionary truth-telling
  • You're ready for an invitation to embrace difference and complexity in how we conceptualize health and wholeness 

What People Like About Me...

"Rachel has studied the neurobiology of trauma intensively with me since 2015; she became my marketing director not too long after. Her vision and her grasp of trauma and relational neuroscience bring clarity, heart and precision to my beloved message of whole-earth, whole-human healing. 

She is helpful, compassionate, grounded and patient, and her own astounding healing journey illustrates the depth of her commitment to radical transformation.

Sarah Peyton Neurobiology Educator. CNVC Trainer + Author of Your Resonant Self

Image of Sarah Peyton

"There aren't many people who have an even lower tolerance for small talk than me, but Rachel is one of them. She wants to dive deep fast and talk about the shit that really matters. 

She has a huge, compassionate heart and she is one of the first people I turn to when I need an empathetic ear. She's also not afraid to express the whole spectrum of her emotions, which helps give me permission to do the same. 

Her coaching connects the dots between the personal, interpersonal and systemic using relational neurobiology. Her insights have deeply supported me in having greater understanding and acceptance of my feelings and experience. If you have a chance to work with Rachel, I highly recommend her."

Wendy Garrido Amazon.com #1 Best-Selling Co-Author Authentic Online Business Building Strategist

"Rachel sees me, inspires me, stretches my thinking and challenges my beliefs. She has an incredible gift of seeing things without layers of tightness and helps me sit in the emergence of possibility rather than getting rigid.  

When I heard about her own personal journey and experience it made me feel so deeply humbled and honoured to be working with such a special human being that herself had been through so much. They say you can only help and hold others in the places you have gone yourself.  

Rachel has a heart of gold and a mind as deep as the ocean. She’s a brilliant writer and more of an expert on the science of "feel good" than I am. She brings the best out of me and my brand and for that I’m truly thankful."

Jenny Rossiter, RPN, BSc Speaker, Author and Founder/CEO of Feel Good Leadership

"I've had the pleasure of working with Rachel one-on-one and in group-work over the last year and a half. She has amazed and inspired me with her ability to be deeply present with the broad range of human emotions in herself, in me and in others. 

She shows up curious, attuned and seems to have a super-power when it comes to being with emotional experience. She's been present with aspects of my personality and emotional upheaval that few people have. Working with her has gradually helped me be more empowered and self-connected. 

Part of this magic is that Rachel holds a broad and complex picture of systemic influences on individuals, which she effortlessly weaves into her conversations, space-holding and group facilitation. This helps me remember that nothing happens in a vacuum, and that there are complex but graspable reasons for our pain, our loss of power, and our compromised well-being, rooted in systemic cultural forces. She is 100% committed to individual and collective liberation... I have learned so much from this person, I can't recommend her enough!  

Barbu Panaitescu Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner + Embodiment Coach

"I've worked with Rachel in individual coaching and group settings, and consistently leave with a deeper sense of self connection, empowerment, and the experience that all of me is welcome, just as I am. 

The way Rachel weaves together her understanding of neuroscience with her profound ability to listen deeply and attune to another in a sincere dedication to understanding and transforming systems of oppression is magic. If you have the chance to work with her, take it."

Aimee Ryan CNVC Trainer, Collaboration Coach - Facilitation - Conflict Transformation

Ready to Dive In Deeper?

woman stands with hands on hips

Are you pickin' up what I'm putting down?  

Let's figure ut the real reasons you’re getting high, together, with more joy, more solidarity and less shame

In this guide, There's Nothing Wrong With You, I invite us to:

  • Unlearn the lies we've been told about addiction, mental health and the "good patient/triumphant recovery" narrative  
  • Embrace harm reduction and a zero-shame policy :)  
  • Learn 5 principles of understanding your relationship with cannabis and begin to create more choice in your usage.