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There’s Nothing Wrong With You.

Have you ever been told you’re too sensitive, too serious, too worried, too sad, too angry?

When we interpret normal human emotions like grief, rage and despair as personal pathology instead of seeing them as sane reactions to a world gone crazy, we lose access to our greatest gift: the wisdom of our bodies.

If you’re looking for inspiration and guidance to reclaim your feeling self as a radical act of justice that the world desperately needs, this site is for you.

About Rachel

As an ex-patient and psychiatric survivor, I am passionate about supporting individuals who have been pathologized and disempowered by a reductionist mental health system that ignores systemic oppression and social causes as contributing to mental distress. I spent 20 years lugging around mental illness labels like bipolar II, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and the last 6+ of those 20 years tapering off of a 5-drug regimen.

I now believe that the mental health diagnostic model, and even the term “mental illness,” is an unhelpful framework. I also feel that dulling, distracting, and otherwise perturbing my nervous system with psychotropic medication stalled my own capacity for growth, empowerment and awakening.

I’m also holding the truth of my own and many people’s experience with medication, which is that sometimes we are not ready to face the fullness of our feeling selves! We are not – most of us – equipped with deep, resilient community, nor resources or experience to help us know how to feel at home in our bodies and hearts, so medication can sometime help us to function in the world.

Wherever you are in your journey, I bow to you as I hold a vision for a world in which deeply feeling, truly awake human beings are the front-line of our species evolution, where depression and anxiety are wise expressions of our nervous systems, giving us critical feedback about the broken world around us. I know it hurts, but your pain and confusion is real!

Stay awake with me.

Your Body is a Truth Detector.

If you’re sick of working with coaches and therapists who medicalize your perfectly reasonable response to the systems of oppression and psychopathic society we live in, take a deep breath!

* * *

Disembodiment is a tool of Empire. Truly, deeply, honoring what is true in each moment — for ourselves and for others — is one of the most radical acts we can take to reclaim our inner authority and well-being.

* * *

 I would be honored to hold space for you to honor and listen to your body’s wisdom. Booking a paid session is a way of receiving an hour of deep attunement and listening, coaching on reclaiming somatic sovereignty, or whatever else you want our time to be.

Book a Paid Session


I work one-on-one in person (Portland, OR) and on-line to provide guidance and support to help you find and trust your own body’s wisdom. Guidance can include a range of education and support:


Emotional Support + Resources

1 on 1 deep empathic space and parts work, including take-away tools for sitting in the discomfort of what arises when you begin to feel your feelings again. This work is informed by the latest research in relational neurobiology and resonant language that healed me from lifelong chronic depression. This stuff works!


Supplements and Nutritional Recommendations

Nutritional and herbal interventions can help sooth and detoxify your system, not as a quick-fix or substitute for psych meds, but instead as a way of supporting emotional balance and nervous system resilience, especially during SSRI and mood stabilizer withdrawal.


Connecting the Dots Between Oppression and Mental Health

I will share key concepts that help explain the causal relationship between adverse childhood experiences, systemic oppression and mental health distress, which helps us de-pathologize and legitimize our (very reasonable) dissent, rage and grief. We get free together.


Embodiment Practices

Supporting you to reacquaint with your body’s communication system, fostering trust in your body’s wisdom and restoring collaboration instead of domination. This involves breathwork and visualizations that help you access perceptual imagination and intuition to uncover what your body is telling you.


Rewriting Your Narrative

I do not believe your body needs to be managed. Instead I invite you to radically re-think diagnoses and to orient your experience within a larger system that pathologizes some emotions and experiences as negative or abnormal.


Relational Neurobiology + Trauma Education

Sharing a conceptual scaffolding of how the human brain works helps to validate and normalize our experience of struggle. There is nothing wrong with your brain, despite what psychologists and well-meaning friends and family have told you for years.